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Shake bottle thoroughly, especially with light colors. Some of our thicker inks contain an agitator, shake until you hear it bouncing inside the bottle.

Some colors separate, that is the high concentration of pigment.

Yes, you can mix them with each other.

You can use The Mixer to dilute colors, and make them slightly lighter, or if decide to make your own grey washes.

The Mixer to breaks down the lining black and allows you to make fantastic shades of grey.

Our colors don't dry in cup. Some oranges may get a thin layer after a while of sitting on the cup, but it is totally fine.

Don't ever mix the pigment with regular water from the sink, bacteria from the water can be transmitted directly to the skin.

Achieving color saturation takes a while to master,  sometimes is better to do a second pass after tattoo is totally healed.

Keep your bottles in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. Make sure environment is clean. Prior to every use, you can wipe the twist cap with alcohol.

Use common sense applying tattoo ink: colors made out of white don't go well with dark skin, don't over work the skin.